Ketmet Muzique (Brussels, 2016)


KETMET MUZIQUE is an installation of musical instruments for children and music enthusiasts made of SIMPLE/RECYCLED materials.

It can be found and played at  ABATTOIR, Anderlecht, Brussels.

The project has been promoted by CULTUREGHEM

Digital Music Interfaces

Interactive Music Glow

The interactive music glow is a wearable music controller developed by Tom and Valerio during the TimeLab Gent 2013:

“We all start dancing to music, don’t we? How about reversing the process. Why not start dancing and let the music flow out of the moves you make, converting dance into music, using various sensors like : Wii nunchuck, ldr, potentiometers to capture the movement and gestures and convert them into midi signals.”

Synth Cube

The Synth Cube is a 3D printed speaker able to synthesise sounds and play them though two speakers. Sounds and colours change depending how you turn over the cube.

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