The band L’chaim was born in 2006 in Delft, The Netherlands. It plays a music that leans on Eastern-European traditions, and interprets these in a an entirely unique and energetic manner. 

The band consists of seven musicians from The Netherlands, Italy and Syria. In the last years the band has been touring in Mexico, Costa Rica, Russia Taiwan, Colombia and almost everywhere in Europe.

With a background in the Klezmer, Balkan , pop, jazz and Syrian music they create a refreshing and danceable mix for all kinds of audiences.

Check it out here!


A musical and social project in Leideberg, Gent.

Everybody is welcome to come and join the band.

The repertoire varies from Turkish to Arabic to Russian to contemporary music in a big flow and at high level.

The spirit of Brussel in a single band. A great mix of cultures, music, languages and positiveness.
Everybody welcome to play and enjoy the music.


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